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About us

Dental Trips is an Irish company which is based in Krakow Poland. We provide a professional service for Irish and UK patients who wish to obtain dental treatment abroad. Dental Trips works exclusively with Dentestetica clinic in Krakow, which is Poland’s number one dental clinic with state of the art equipment and facilities. We have native Irish/UK representatives onsite in Krakow to take you through each step of the treatment and also be on call 24 hours for anything else you might need during your stay in Krakow.

Dental Trips was created in summer 2010 and is the oldest player from Ireland who specializes in facilitating Irish and UK people who want dental treatment outside of Ireland and the UK.

Our new Dentestetica clinic is located in the center of town in a brand new office complex,where also you will find our Dental Trips office. Here there will always be Dental Trips personnel onsite should you need anything.

Our task is to make your travel and your stay as comfortable as possible and be your only point of contact from your orignal enquiry regarding a quote for treatment to transfer from the airport. All of our doctors speak perfect English, but we are on hand during the consultation and treatment should you need anything. We can assist with booking accommodation, and of course transport to and from the airport. Our major constituent job is to see that nothing happens and there is NO misunderstanding between patient and dentist, also that the patient 100% agrees with what your dentist recommends and why he/she made these recommendations.

All contact occurs primarily at our office in Krakow and of course in English. You can contact us by phone, email or via chat. We guarantee a response within 24 hours and if you are looking for an appointment on short notice, we are very flexible and you will find we can arrange almost anything.

We at Dental Trips welcome you to Krakow and our great new clinic Dentestetica.


With best regards,

David Muldowney, CEO


Dental Trips, 546 North Circular Road, Dublin 7, Company No. 585180.