Krakow is a tourist town, with over 3 million international visitors to the city every year. There is no shortage of nice hotels with all the big players in town but also plenty of modern apartments to rent all over the city at very affordable prices.

At Dental Trips we are always happy to help our clients as much as possible. We come with tips and guidance and try to find the best deals according to the wishes of our clients.

We have found that it is an advantage to stay close to our clinic, in particular those clients that come for a lot of treatment, surgery, or with walking difficulties. We have good co-operation agreements with two hotels located a few minutes from the clinic (two and three star hotels). In addition, Our clinic have invested in some apartments located in the building next door to the medical center. This is primarily for first time travelers and for travelers coming for major dental work, but they are in principle available to all of our clients. It is a new modern building, with separate kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. This is a great deal for clients who primarily come to Krakow for dentistry and who want to relax between appointments and maybe wants to make their own food and not have to go out to a restaurant for every meal.

If you decide to book a treatment with us and want one of these accommodation deals, then we will give you the discounted cost for the apartment, make the necessary reservations and you will receive a confirmation email / call when everything is in order.

Here you will find some pictures from our apartments beside our clinic. Contact us today to request availability and if you have any questions.