All-on-4 Treatment

In our clinic we use the Nobel Biocare All-on-4 treatment which is a proven dental implant solution designed especially for people with toothless jaws or failing dentition. Our clinic is the only certified clinic in Krakow with Nobel Biocare to perform this treatment with specialists onsite.

If many teeth are missing, dentures often are the first solution that comes to mind. However, denture wearers often complain about problems and discomfort caused by their prosthesis. But even after numerous dental visits to get their dentures fixed, some of them are still left frustrated and in pain.

Using just four dental implants to secure a natural looking restoration, the All-on-4 treatment provides a fixed,functional and stable set of provisional teeth. One of the key advantages of this treatment is that bone augmentation surgery is not necessary.. why is this? This is because of the 45 degree tilting of the posterior implants, which avoids the need for time-consuming bone grafting procedures. 

A great thing about this treatment is how fast it can be completed. We can complete the upper and lower jaws on one trip to Krakow for 5-7 working days. Another option which some patients do who want full mouth done, is they split it into two stages.. do the upper jaw first then when they are ready in a few months they come and do the lower. This also means payment is split between the two stages. The All-on-4 treatment is not only the least time-consuming treatment option, it’s also the least costly in comparison with conventional implant methods. While your teeth are being made in our Lab, you will have a temporary solution for a few days. 

Benefits of all-on-4 implant supported dentures 

All on 4 implant supported dentures have advantages for patients who want to experience natural chewing functionality again,  as well the added durability and improved overall aesthetic they offer. 

The all on 4 is perfect for patients who have lost all their teeth on their upper or lower jaw and don’t want removable dentures which may become wobbly over time or just not fit well, and certainly can’t offer the patient the same chewing functionality as all on four dentures. Both Jaws can be restored with this technique, for the upper jaw however two titanium implants may also be needed to achieve optimal results. 

For patients with periodontal diseases all on four implants can be an excellent solution .Since only 4 implants are necessary for the lower jaw, the surgical procedure and healing time is significantly reduced. 

Lower overall costs but increased durability . 

Improved aesthetics and chewing functionality. 

Who is the ideal candidate for all-on-4 implant supported dentures? 

Heavy smokers and patients with diabetes or very advanced bone recession usually won’t qualify for the  all on four procedure, unless certain measures are carried out first like bone augmentation for example. In these cases patients are advised to go for 6-8 conventional implants instead. 

In some cases even patients with low bone density can can still get all on 4 but first bone grafting will be necessary which will increase the overall  time it takes to finish the full procedure. During the initial assessment, our dental specialists will evaluate if the patient is a good candidate for this procedure. 

If the patient doesn’t meet the necessary prerequisites for an implant supported denture our specialist will suggest an alternative treatment plan that will deliver the best results for the specific needs of the patient. 

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