02.08.2017 How does implant treatment work?

Implant treatment is the most commonly used method of filling gaps in the teeth of the patient. The treatment is supervised and performed by a specialist in the dental surgery. The first step is to visit for a Consultation during which the dentist interviews on the general health of the patient, completed treatment and associated diseases.Then assesses the state of the teeth, in order to rule out any contraindications before treatment.

The course of implant treatment

One of the basic elements that are taken into account during qualifying patient for surgery is to analyze the state of the bones, the site where the implant is to take place. The structure and construction of bone tissue must meet certain criteria to ensure that the implanted implants, high strength and stability. In cases of substantial atrophy of bone it is recommended that augmentation surgery, or replace missing bone with high-quality specialist biomatriałów regenerating properties.

After a detailed analysis of X-rays and the results of the observation, the surgeon qualifies the patient for surgery and help in choosing the right implant system. The next step is to prepare a treatment plan and the presentation of the total cost. After accepting the patient by a doctor proposed methods and discussion of particular elements of therapy is determined deadline for the procedure.

Three stages of treatment

Implant treatment consists of three stages. It is performed using local anesthesia, through which the treatment is painless. Implantation takes place in a suitably adapted study, using high-quality equipment, while maintaining sterility and aseptic conditions.

The first stage of treatment is the implantation of titanium implant, or screws, which replaces the lost tooth root. Metal, which is made of, is resistant to corrosion and easy to bond with the bone tissue, without causing allergic reactions. After screwing the implant surgeon sutured wound in such a way that the screw is implanted completely invisible. In place of a missing tooth at the time of implant treatment the doctor puts a temporary crown, which provides aesthetic effect and allows the patient to function normally.

After approx. 4 – 9 months , after healing of the wound the surgeon exposes the implant inserted and screwed so. healing screw. It facilitates proper implantation and regeneration of the area helps in giving a natural shape of the gums. Another visit to the dental center DENTestetica is recommended after approximately one month.

The last step is the treatment of prosthetic based on the preparation of suitably matched crown. Doctor audiologist helps in choosing its color, shape and size, so that its appearance is as close as possible to the patient’s own teeth. Such prepared crown is fastened to the implant by means of a special linker.

After the implant treatment , remember to keep proper oral hygiene. In the center of the clinic DENTestetica qualified staff can provide detailed information and guidance on the recommended procedure after undergoing surgery.