07.08.2017 Is it worth it to replace amalgam fillings?

With the passage of time in the field of dentistry there are more and more modern methods of treatment and medical devices, to improve the standard of living and health of patients. Contemporary progress and development of biotechnology and the availability of new, proven dental materials makes dental practices, in order to provide the highest quality service, expanding its offer, proposing a lot of new solutions.

What are amalgams? Why should I replace them?

One example is the use of new materials in the treatment of dental cavities, which are an alternative to the formerly used amalgam fillings. Some patients wear dental amalgams today. But are you sure this is safe? Whether it should be replaced with a new glass-ionomer or composite fillings?

The main component of amalgam is mercury, which is a toxic substance to humans.Volatile mercury compounds which release from this type of fillings penetrate into the body, and then accumulate in different organs. Negative effect on the neurological system, autoimmune and kidney function. Health problems, accompanying patients who used amalgams are headache, fatigue, trouble concentrating, chest pain, and even cardiac arrhythmia.

Amalgam fillings have high stability, but do not form a tight connection to enamel, which facilitates the penetration of bacteria into the tooth and development of caries. Moreover, they are very good conductor of heat, which often are the cause of discomfort due to reaction of teeth to variations in temperature, for example. When eating ice-cream or drink of coffee. Also note that amalgam fillings have a dark color, which are highly visible and have a big impact on the aesthetics of a smile.

Replacing the seals on the new

The solution to the problem of “black seals” to replace the fillings with new ones made of white composite material. Properly performed procedure is safe and painless, due to the use of local anesthesia. The new fill color is selected so that nothing different from the patient’s own teeth. Concerned about the health of amalgam fillings it is worth mentioning the new, harmless to the body. The treatment does not only improve the aesthetics of a smile, but above all improve the quality of life of the patient.