18.07.2018 Miss Poland in our clinic for Invisalign treatment

Why are we writing about it at all? Of course, one of the candidates for the title, Miss Łódź – Marta Ziębakowska, is also one of our Invisalign patients. Although it would not be right to say that “the devil is in the details”, Miss decided to undergo treatment at Dentestetica to perform a minor orthodontic correction. In this case, therefore, it would be necessary to transform this saying into “beauty lies in the details.” – I have always liked my teeth, but I noticed this slight imperfection. I realize that it is not necessary to correct it, but when I learned about the possibilities offered by Invisalign, and that the treatment is actually invisible, I was interested and started to be more interested in the subject – says Marta Ziębakowska just before her next visit at our doctor, dr. Mateusz Falkowski in Dentestetica. Marta is very excited waiting for her first Invisalign.

What prompted you to choose Dentestetica and Krakow clinics?

– I’m studying medicine in Lodz. One of my friends studying dentistry was at the lecture of Dr. Falkowski in Pozan and it was she who presented the possibilities of Invisalign to me and talked about the specialist approach of Dr. Falkowski, who has extensive experience in working with this new method of treatment in Poland.

You visited us for the first time 3 weeks ago. Could you tell about it?

First, I had to find the right doctor, and find out how to contact him. Then I read a little about Dentestetica, opinions and about how he cares for patients, how he cures them. I also learned that the clinic receives patients from around the world and, most importantly, they leave happy. I have read many reviews of patients from Poland, but also foreign ones and based on them I made a decision to contact Dentestetica. From the first contact I knew that it was a good choice, because everyone I talked to had a great knowledge of the treatment and what to prepare for. I received all the answers I needed. Everyone I spoke to with my first phone for the first consultation had so much knowledge about the treatment and what I needed to prepare. I got all the answers I needed and I felt almost like a princess … or Miss.


What can you say about the doctor? Have you received adequate support?

– Yes, it needs to be underlined. Very trustworthy and forgiving. I felt that he knew exactly what I came for, what I really wanted to know and what I needed. He let me speak and spent a lot of time with me to make sure that we both know what to do. I do not remember exactly, but I think the first thing he told me was something like, “My dear, your teeth look very nice. How do you think you should improve them again? Are you really sure you want to change something here? “After more detailed research, after I could not really explain what I really want and what to make them 100% perfect, I conducted a questionnaire and found that if it was desirable, I could be subjected to orthodontic treatment, which would last for about seven weeks.

Have you decided to do Invisalign treatment?

– At first I had doubts. Doctor Falkowski said clearly that from the medical point of view interference was not necessary. He suggested only to gently move my top eight and bottom six. He did not move molars at all, so it was a purely cosmetic procedure. However, when the doctor showed me a simulation of how my teeth look, he finally convinced me. 100% perfection. What’s more, when he guaranteed that they would actually look like that, I almost cried. The simulation of my teeth looked at me from the computer screen and looked as I always imagined. I was sure.

The treatment that Marta starts is Invisalign 7I. This means that after visiting the clinic three times, she will already have her own Invisalign aligners. She had seen her teeth move in the next seven weeks. She also saw the result of all treatment. Over the next seven weeks, she will use seven different individual aligners (changing them every 7 days) for 22-23 hours a day. These specially made covers will make her teeth slowly set in a position planned by Dr. Falkowski with the use of Invisalign software.

We will continue to watch Marta on her way to the “perfect smile”, and perhaps to the title of Miss Poland. We will meet with her again and conduct another interview during the treatment itself. We will also post photos taken during and after treatment. Until then, of course, we wish our Miss a great summer and good luck for the future.