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Dental fear

There are several reasons why people develop anxiety about going to the dentist,Now we can help you. Irish research shows that around five per cent of our adult population has developed a great fear against dentists and dental treatment that they are characterised in that they suffer from odontophobia. This means that they rarely or never go to the dentist.

The reason for this anxiety is generally composed, but the common denominator for most is that they experienced one or more adverse episodes in their childhood such as -The Dental treatment has been painful and the dentist has been both hard, angry.

Such experiences from childhood sits with them into adulthood, and when it’s time to set up, it can be very difficult to do something. Today this fear in many cases “unfounded” when both dentists and other personnel tends to be much more service-minded and cautious, and treatment performed basically non painful. But as long as the patient is struggling with a mental fear of dentists  this must be taken seriously. We who take care of patients both from Ireland,Britain and the rest of Europe we deal with this particularly well.

There are basically four things that recur among Irish with Engineered anxiety in dentistry.

  • Poor school dentist.
  • Having to wait a long time between each appointment.
  • Becomes too expensive.
  • The work is not done well enough.

The first point is obvious. The standard of all Irish dentists back in the day was completley different to nowadays. Along with poor equipment and a tough schedule ,there were many who were treated both bad purely medical and also in excess tough for painful treatment and in preparation for this.

Item 2. Is also important and which in our eyes is ignored by Irish dentists. We often hear that it is the first step which is the biggest challenge, Once the hours are booked and the patient has shown up at the clinic then the worst is over. We find in Ireland that you get 45 minute appointments and usually several weeks between each one then you have to go over this first step many times before you could say the treatment is finished. This extra load could be just enough that the fear takes over and you can not bear to start treatment, or possibly jump off en route in the middle of treatment.

Point 3. Too expensive: The longer one waits with their problems, the more things will need to be done. While the pain and the fear grows, you get a good and rational reason to not go to the dentist. It is simply too expensive and that person can not afford to do everything that’s needed to be done. A patient can “fool themselves” for many years with this excuse. But unfortunately not repaired any teeth and at some point one must address the problem. Then it may be a solution to travel abroad when prices are considerably lower. Nobody likes bad news, but sometimes it is possible to make efforts so the bad news that must come, may not be so bad anyway.

Point 4. We do not want to talk down on Irish dentists. Although several Irish dentists in Ireland uses every chance to talk bad about their foreign colleagues.

BUT: Many people who come down to Poland to get  dental work done here have tried to solve the problem in Ireland for a long time, but after numerous attempts without any success. At this stage the patient has both exasperated themselves, loose confidence in the dentist and choose not to do something about the problem. This coupled with a fear of the dentist and the snowball may soon start rolling again, and choosing to “Jump off” getting treatment and let hopelessness again take the upper hand.

Adding processing to Krakow you will get the best of the best to look at your particular problem. You can be absolutely sure that the dentist who treats you are 100% qualified to look at your specific problems and as far as possible, our clinic could help you in the best possible way.

When it comes to how we resolve these issues there is no one answer to give. The combination of good dentists, pleasant staff and a warm atmosphere with which we take all our patients seriously and try to give the individual monitoring adapted to their problems as we ourselves believe that we have come a long way. We do not claim that we have cracked the code that can cure your phobia forever, but we are absolutely confident that we will take you and your problems seriously, give you an individual program tailored to your problems and thus give you a positive experience of visiting the dentist here in Krakow.