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Dental Phobia


Fear of the dentist is no cause for embarrassment. At our clinic DENTestetica, we know and understand this problem well, so we have developed a special treatment program for dental phobia sufferers. Qualified doctors, friendly atmosphere, and proper anesthetics and sedatives ensure stress-free and painless dental treatment of any kind.

Dental phobia is often an overlooked problem and people who have never experienced it often fail to understand what an obstacle it can be in undergoing even basic dental care.

At Dental Trips we believe that even the greatest fear can be overcome. The dental phobia treatment programme implemented in our clinic has allowed many people to overcome their fears and get a beautiful, healthy smile. The stress-free and friendly atmosphere, as well as the patient and understanding approach are the basis for building mutual doctor-patient trust. The next step is to thoroughly discuss and explain all planned procedures. Our patients are always aware of their treatment plan, they also get detailed information about the possible anesthesia methods and choose the most suitable option together with their doctor.

The treatment itself is performed in comfortable conditions and is carried out by an experienced specialist, always under anesthesia, and if necessary, also using sedation and relaxation methods. In addition, both before and after the visit our patients may count on the assistance and professional service provided by our qualified staff and they may use all the facilities available in our clinic. Together we can change your attitude to the dentist,  help you overcome your fear and make you forget about your bad experiences from the past.

There are basically four things that recur among patients with an Engineered anxiety in dentistry.

  • Poorly trained dentist.
  • Waiting time between each appointment.
  • Total Cost of treatment.
  • Poor standard and quality of work previously subjected to.

The first point is obvious. The standard of all dentists back in the day was completely different to nowadays. Along with poor equipment and a tough schedule, there were many who were treated badly purely medically speaking but also being excessively tough for painful treatment.

Point2. Is also important and which in our eyes is ignored by many dentists. We often hear that the first step is the biggest challenge. Once the hours are booked and the patient has shown up at the clinic then the worst is over. We find though that in many European countries that you get 45 minute appointments several weeks apart. Then you have to go through this fear many times before the treatment is finished. This extra load can be just enough so that the fear takes over and you can not bear to start treatment, or possibly jump off en route in the middle of treatment. By condensing the time between appointments into a weeks schedule normally helps to allay thisfear and the treatment can be completed quickly before any fears start to creep back in.

Point 3. Too expensive: The longer one waits with their problems, the more things will need to be done. While the pain and the fear grows, you get a good and rational reason to not go to the dentist. It is simply too expensive and that person can not afford to do everything that’s needed to be done. A patient can “fool themselves” for many years with this excuse. Unfortunately at some point one must address the problem. This is when it may be a solution to travel abroad where prices are considerably lower. Nobody likes bad and expensive news, but sometimes it is possible to make the effort and take the initiative, so that when the bad news eventually comes,it wont be nearly as damaging to your pocket.

Point 4. We do not like to talk down other European or UK’s dentists, yet we hear of many dentists in these countries using every chance to talk bad about their foreign colleagues for their own gain.

We hear all the time from our patients that come to us from abroad for dental work that they have tried to solve the problem in their own country for a long time, without success. At this stage the patient has both exasperated themselves, lost confidence in the dentist and then choose to ignore the problem. This coupled with a fear of the dentist in general they choose to “Jump off” getting treatment and are left feeling helpless.


  • individual treatment programme
  • painless anesthesia
  • experienced doctors
  • patience and understanding of the problem
  • stress-free, friendly atmosphere
  • comfortable conditions

By choosing Dentaltrips you can be reassured of getting the best of the best to look at your particular problem. You can be absolutely sure that the dentist who treats you will be 100% qualified to look at your specific problems and our team will help you feel relaxed and comfortable through out your journey with us.