This is something we are very proud of. After working in dental tourism for almost eight years, we have learned how important it is for our clients to not only get the best therapy at good prices but also that we continue to provide our services in an efficient and satisfactory manner. That way the patient can get a lot of work done in a short time and save money according to the number of trips they need, but also the number of days in a hotel / apartment.

We have great deals with our dentists, Asistente and our labor atrium personnel. When it comes to patients from abroad who have to fly home on a Friday night, and we say we will need five full days to complete processing, then we are finished on Friday, well before the plane leaves. It can mean a lot and intensive therapy, but if that’s what the patient wants and it is medically necessary, it’s what we do. So much treatment as the patient wants in as little time as possible.

The list below describes the most common procedures and an overview of how long we need. This is a “rule of thumb” and there may of course be exceptions. so before you plan your trip in detail it’s good to contact us so we can chart timelines if necessary.