First appointment

What happens during the consultation and how will your first day be with us?

1. Paperwork: Before doing anything at the clinic you must fill out a form with your name, address, contact information as well as “medical report”. What diseases you have or have had, allergies, specific dental problems and what medicines you may be on. This is mandatory and something all of our patients have to do before we can start any kind of treatment.

2. Panoramic radiograph: The next step is to get X-ray images. that comes at the consultation appointment with us begining by taking one panoramic radiograph. This is primarily to get an overview of all teeth and a little about how the overall dental status is before the doctor starts his review.

3. Short conversation: Before the radiograph is developed, you will have a brief conversation with the dentist so you can explain your desires, your reason for visiting the clinic and what expectations you have for your treatment. This is important so that we know what you want, so we can include it in our considerations when we later will put forward the options you have and what kind of treatment we recommend.

4. Consultation: Your dentist will make a thorough review of your radiograph and physical check of your teeth. Results of the radiograph will be explained to you, and you will see pictures taken by the oral camera what the dentist examines. Each tooth and tooth area will be reviewed.

5. Information: After the dentist has gone through each tooth with you, you will get general information about what the dentist found. More generally, it will be explained what the dentist thinks needs to be done, should be done and what can be done, and how this fits with the expectations you had before you came down.

6. Your questions: Help to set the “right” questions. Many perceive the dental chair as a stressful and pressured situation,therefore it is important that you take your time in this process. If anything is unclear or there is something you are wondering about, then it is better to question it at this time and not after we’ve left. We help as best we can with both medical explanations and evaluate the various proposals against each other. We show the models, photographs and illustration movies what we plan to do, but this does nothing unless the patient speaks to us and tells us what they feel and think.We do not start with any treatment until we are 100% confident that the patient understands what the treatment proposed involves and before we feel that the patient makes the correct choice when they want to start the treatment.

7. Treatment Plan: You will get an approximate price and time estimate while you are sitting in the dentist chair. Before you begin any treatment you will get a printed treatment plan that includes both price, time and method. It can take from 20 minutes to half a day to prepare this. Once you have received this plan and are 100% sure that you understand its contents (with the help of the dentist and possibly our Irish representative) we will need your signature. By signing here you agree to be available and cooperative at the clinic, and the clinic is committed to price and timeframe plan as indicated, as well as treatment of the highest quality. Treatment will begin immediately after you have accepted this treatment plan.