Free Consultation

The clinic has private RGT center and has radiologist available. It means that we can take ordinary paragraph X-ray, CT scan of the entire jaws but also micro CT. During the consultation we can assess all the detailed images we need, and can within minutes have pictures clear, where in Ireland you could be waiting up to several weeks for this.

We are very focused on working in teams, because patients with complex problems we often experience that our specialists may disagree about how to treat certain teeth and how to see the totality and thus find the best solution for the patient. It is therefore very important to us that we have specialists available that come with their reviews in their field, also it will ultimately be a generalist who gathers together the threads, looking at the holistic solutions and prepares the alternative treatment plans that will be presented to the patient.

Here at Dental Trips we do not charge the patient for their consultation in our clinic, it is absolutely free.