Free Consultation

At Dental Trips, patients receive a complimentary consultation at our clinic, it is absolutely free whether you wish to proceed with treatment or choose against doing so. A member of our team will be at the clinic to meet you on arrival at reception, and will sit in on the consultation with the doctor just to make sure everything runs smoothly and help answer any other questions you may have outside of the treatment itself.

The clinic has a private RTG center with a radiologist specialist there operating the equipment . It means that we can take panoramic X-ray, CT scan of the entire jaws but also micro CT. During the consultation we can assess all the detailed images we need, and can within minutes have perfectly clear pictures.. where as in Ireland and UK you could be waiting up to several weeks for this.

So what happens during the consultation?  First of all you will be given a few standard medical forms to fill out at our reception. Then our radiologist will take you in for panoramic x-ray and take a few photographs which will be given to the specialist who conducts the consultation with you.

About 10 minutes after the x-ray our specialist will see you, the assistant will come to reception to bring you in to see the doctor. The specialist will then have a discussion with you about what you want and your expectations. He or she will then explain in detail the results of what they see in the x-ray and talk you through this. We also can do a quick scan and show you digitally how your teeth look and they will look after treatment. The doctor will explain to you different options of treatment and then provide you with a treatment plan. The treatment plan will have a breakdown of the treatment which was discussed with you and also a breakdown of the cost. Once you are happy with everything, we can begin treatment straight away.


Our consultations are only done at our clinic Dentestetica in Krakow Poland.