How to proceed

Here we have created a mini-guide for those who are considering a Dental Trip to Krakow. Committing to dentistry abroad can be a big step for some people.
We have therefore made a simple step by step guide on how such a process will go for clients who want to travel to Krakow with Dental Trips.

1.  Contact us, either by mail:   or phone PL +48 506768990. We will then be able to provide you with a time and cost estimate for your treatment, reserve the necessary hours at the clinic, as well as answering any questions you may have… both about practical information about the journey, stay, treatment or general information on Krakow.

2.  Book your flights and send your itinerary to us. Once we receive this we will need 24 hours to plan your stay here. Once we have everything ready, you will get an email with a confirmation and an overview of what happens upon arrival, when the first appointment is, accommodation and airport transfers.

3.  You arrive in Krakow and you will be greeted at the airport by our driver (if you want to book this service let me know). He will have your name on a sign and will be easily visible in the arrivals hall. He will take you to the clinic, or to where you are staying.

4.  Free consultation hour: Before we start any treatment that costs you money, we will begin with a thorough consultation. Here a dentist will go over your teeth, comparing what they see from the radiographs we take to the pictures you sent prior to your departure. The Dentist will then listen and take into account your expectations and preferences. After the consultation you will get a final price and costing, if agreeable we will reserve the hours you need for treatment, and fully explain the treatment plan.

5.  Treatment: Once we have agreed on the kind of treatment to be performed, the actual treatment can begin immediately. You will get a schedule of the remaining hours for the week straight away so that you can plan the rest of your stay in Krakow. The clinic offers the highest quality both in equipment and personnel. You will constantly be informed on progress of the treatment and whether they encounter problems of any kind. Our representative will be on call as much as you wish and will be there to assist in the unlikely event any problems arise

6.  Payment and return journey: After completing the treatment, you will be given all the relevant documentation attached to your treatment, and you will be asked to pay. You can pay by either credit card (Visa, Mastercard) or by cash (Euro, Zloty). It is also possible to pay by bank transfer. You will get a receipt that includes everything that has been done and what kind of material that has been used, allowing you to compare it with your original treatment plan if it was altered.

7. After you’re done at the clinic and it’s time to go home, from seven to fourteen days after you will receive your medical report of the proceedings that have been conducted and whether shared processing into multiple EttaP, an updated treatment plan with what remains of treatment and how long you have to be here next time and how long you have to wait.

8.Contact with Dental Trips: Our mission is that our clients can carry out treatment of the highest class at reasonable prices. We emphasize safety to follow up with our clients before, during and after your stay in Krakow. That means if there are questions that pop up before your trip we are available 24 hours a day (via email or phone). The same applies throughout your stay in Krakow and also after returning home. The clinic has a guarantee, and Dental trips will always be available to contact in the unlikely event of any acute medical problems or even from an organisational perspective.

If any problems or questions arise, feel free to talk with us whatever the query, and if necessary we would be happy to arrange for your assigned dentist to call you if necessary, so you get to talk to those who have to perform, or have performed your treatment.