The quality and precision of prosthetic works are critical to the patient’s comfort. At our clinic DENTestetica, we have collaborated for many years with proven prosthetic technicians who use state-of-the-art equipment and technological advances. You can be sure that the “new teeth” you receive from us will always be perfectly fitted.

Thanks to our co-operation with carefully selected best dental laboratories in Kraków, we provide our patients with top quality prosthetic works and the shortest technically achievable completion dates. Technicians working for DENTestetica are professionals with many years of experience, who are not only passionate about their profession, but are also real artists in their field.

As experts, we are well aware of the importance of properly fitted and aesthetic-looking prosthetic restorations. That is why we approach prosthetic treatment with utmost care, always putting the patient’s requirements and expectations first.

During the treatment, the patient attends follow-up visits in our clinic or directly in the laboratory where together with the doctor and the technician they discuss the details of their future teeth. We use specialist software and a computer connected to laser scanners and micro milling cutters to make digital 3D models of the existing teeth and their planned reconstruction. This allows the patient to have complete control over their future denture and to participate in every stage of its development.

The individual choice of colour, shape, position, size, texture, and even artificial cracks or spots on the teeth, is an absolute standard for us. The electronically assisted colour selection system makes it possible to obtain a natural shade that exactly matches the patient’s expectations. The effect of prosthetic treatment at DENTestetica is a professional, natural-looking reconstruction of dentition and of course a beautiful smile for years to come.