The aesthetic dental clinic DENTestetica collaborates with some of the best prosthodontics labs in Cracow (such as Technica – inz. Adam Majewski, Pracownia Protetyczno-Implantologiczna – Krzysztof Zapotoczny, Laboratorium Protetyki Stomatologicznej – Mirosław Janda). Our business partners represent the highest professional standards thanks to their broad experience in aesthetic stomatology (producing veneers, implant components, and non-metal zirconium dioxide components), with excellent qualifications and the latest equipment.

Since we have managed to build a network of institutions with which we co-operate, our patients can enjoy the shortest possible waiting time for their dental restorations: this is related exclusively to technical aspects and is unaffected by any intervening holiday or staff leave. The technicians who work for DENTestetica are, above all, accomplished specialists with a passion for their work and an artistic bent. No effort is spared in order that dental restorations, prepared by the dental doctors and technicians of DENTestetica, meet all the expectations of the patients regarding functionality and aesthetics. During prosthodontic treatment, special visits are routinely arranged either in the clinic or in the lab so that the patient, the doctor and the technician can discuss the custom-designed appearance of the restoration (its colour, shape, position, size, added cracking or spots).

The colour of false teeth is precisely pre-planned for each individual patient. We use two electronic devices, VITA Easyshade and MHT SpectroShade, which take readings of the natural shade of the patient’s dentition using the whole spectrum of visible light. The readings as well as the skills and expertise of our medical and technical staff make it possible to prepare restorations that are aesthetically pleasing and match the natural dentition perfectly. To furnish non-metal, zirconium dioxide restorations, computers, laser scanners and micro-milling machines are employed to create a special software environment. With the finished elements method, a digital three-dimensional model of the natural dentition and the new restoration.