Our dentists

Without good dentists there is not good treatment. All our dentists are carefully selected before they start working with us. We have specialists in all fields of dentistry, and all of our dentists speaks good English and has extensive experience treating patients from Ireland and UK.


Medical Director Andrzej Gala DDS, PhD
Specialization: Prosthetics

Dr Gala has worked at our clinic since 2006. He has over 23 years experience as a dentist after been graduating from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Beside working in our clinic, he is also a lecturer at the same university. Dr Gala has extensive experience treating patients from abroad, where he In several periods was working at a clinic in London, UK. At our clinic Dr Gala is primarily responsible for large jobs that are related to prosthetics. He also performs work with prostheses combined solutions between dentures and prosthetics in porcelain.




Marcin Dyląg DDS
Specialization: Surgery

Dr Dylag has worked at our clinic since 2012. With a specialization in surgery, he is one of our three doctors in charge of patients requiring surgical intervention. Has over 18 years experience as a dentist, first as a generalist and then as a specialist in surgery since 2007. Participates regularly at national and international conferences, lectures and workshops. Mr Dylags wife, Justyna is also working in our clinic.





Justyna Kubicka-Dyląg DDS

Dr Kubicka-Dylag is one of our prosthetics-dentists. She has worked at our clinic since 2013 and has worked together with her husband, Marcin Dylag since she was studying in the Jagiellonian University in Krakow in 1997. She specialized early as a prosthetics-dentist and performs only work with crowns / bridges and prosthetics over implants in our clinic. Her ability to understand what the patient wants, and combine it with what is actually good for the person making the score of her work is always welcomed very well.




Monika Sliz DDS
Periodontal specialist

Monika is our periodontal specialist. She graduated from university here in Krakow in 2009 and has worked with us since 2012.
Completed her four-year specialization degree in periodontics (second degree Specialisation) summer of 2015,That means she will be the permanent doctor for most of our Irish patients coming with Periodontitis problems. Monika has worked with us in Dental Trips for over four years, and Speaks very good English. She has also worked with many Irish/UK patients in recent years, and has good experience dealing with such patients.
In addition to working with us, she is also involved with the University Clinic here in Krakow, where she both teaches and works to influence an upcoming doctorate.


Catherine Najbar DDS

Katarzyna graduated from the medical faculty in Śląski University in Katowice. Has worked as a dentist since 2012 and has collaborated with us since she graduated. She is one of our generalist dentists, who makes consultations, simple prosthetics, fillings and reconstructions. Her specialization is in endodontic therapy, and is en route to the second degree specialist.
Katarzyna is working in our clinic five days a week, and is one of the key pieces in our team for endodontic treatment. Certified to work with microscopes, and one of the dentists we go to when treatment is complicated and we need specialists. Speaks good English and has a little secret crush on Ireland.




Daria Brożyna DDS

Brożyna is an all round dentist. She likes best to work with children and aesthetic dentistry. At our center her role would be comparable as a trainee. That means she makes treatment within a wide range but not in complicated cases and with good support from our medical director.
A very talented cosmetic dentist, but not wishing to specialize but to get a broader perspective on oral health and dentistry. Graduated from Jagiellonian University here in Krakow in 2014, and has worked with us since. For Irish patients she is primarily doing amalgam removal, replacing white fillings and sealing which is her responsibility, but she also makes easier aesthetic work as single crowns and veneers.




Catherine Madziar DDS

Dr Madzia is our moral alibi. She does not like to hide and call gladly a spade a spade whatever it may be.
A breath of fresh air here with Dentestetica, which very early became a favorite among our Irish patients for her openness, honesty and “clear messages” during the consultation process.

Maybe not the best doctor for patients with fierce anxiety of the dentist, but the mood is often so relaxed around her, that even those with large phobias like being treated by Dr Madzia. Graduated at the university here in Krakow in 2011 and has worked with us since 2014. Performs mainly endodontic therapy, staples and simple prosthetic work here at Dentestetica.



Our team consists of the following doctors:

Maciej Bereś DDS









Magdalena Orczykowska DDS









Marek Woźniacki DDS, MD









Marcin Sadkowski DDS