Remember this

Here we have listed some simple rules of thumb that can be useful to take with you before you set out on your journey to us here in Krakow.

1. Bring your passport. It is not strictly necessary to have a passport when traveling within the EU as an ID card can be used, but it is advised by Dental Trips to carry your passport as identification.

2. In Poland currency Zloty (PLN). Some places you can use Euro (including us) but in most places it is only Polish zloty that is accepted.

3. Wait until you arrive in Poland to change your money to Zloty. We advise you not to switch to Polish currency before traveling. Same charges but very often poorer rates where you lose money.

4. Best way is to bring Euro notes and change in one of the many ”Kantors” money exchange shops around the city. You can also withdraw zloty from any of the ATM’s and all International credit/Debit cards are accepted, however there might be a high charge so you need to check this before you accept.

5.We speak English at Dental Trips and everyone in our clinic also does.

6. Krakow city center is very safe, there is very Little crime and a lot of police presence.

7. The cost of food, drinks etc. is very cheap here compared to Ireland. You could have a starter, main and few beers in a really nice restaurant. for less than €50 between two people.

8. At restaurants, cafes and bars it is expected that you will tip a little.