The clinic

DENTestetica Dental Clinic was established in 2003 in Cracow, Poland. The clinic has long-term experience with dental medical tourism and provide excellence in dentistry for patients who demand and expect the best.

In 2012, a completely new office with outstanding equipment (300 square metres, 7 operation rooms, a fully-equipped surgery for general sedation, digital 3D diagnostic X-ray centre) was opened in downtown Cracow, just 800m from the Main Square (Rynek Glowny) and is s Krakow’s largest private dental center. DENTestetica offers a vast range of dental treatments including the most advanced microendodentistry, zirconium crowns, ceramic veneers, implants, bone transplantation and Guided Bone Regeneration techniques.

We respect our patients, this is why we pay special attention to completely eliminating the stress and pain associated with dental treatment. As a routine procedure we use the latest computer controlled local anaesthesia delivery system (The WAND STA) together with a whole range of general sedation techniques. Conscious sedation and nitrous oxide sedation are available for all our patients and are provided by experienced medical doctors who have specialized in anaesthesiology (this is NOT performed by the dentist as in most European countries). Sedation techniques are highly recommended for patients with a strong gagging syndrome which does not allow for any conventional treatment. All 10 dentists are certified specialists in specific fields of dentistry (3 at PhD level, active university teachers and international lecturers).

Our goal is to provide treatment of the highest quality, at a reasonable price. We strive to provide the service our patients want to lay focus on having highly trained staff, top modern equipment and a warm and cozy environment where our patients feel comfortable and confident they’ve come to the right place.
The clinic meets all modern criteria in medicine and has received numerous awards and some media attention for the way we are organized and the wide broad spectrum of treatment we can offer.

In the Winter of 2012/13 started the Polish Ministry of Economy and Tourism project to promote health tourism in Poland. Our clinic has repeatedly been highlighted as one of the most successful prospects in this regard and we were a natural destination when this project needed somewhere to showcase. As a result of this we have been visited by several members of the European press, and we’ve got to travel around Europe to talk about both how we work and the advances in medical tourism that Poland have undergone in recent years .
We are very proud of our team of employees and how we have managed to build up an organization that stands on their toes in order to cater for both domestic and international patients and to give them the best possible treatment with us.