The most important point when choosing where you go to get organized with your teeth is the quality of care you receive.

When visiting the dentist it’s ultimately the quality of the work being done that is determining whether you are being satisfied or not. We spend so much time to make sure we have well-qualified dentists who have the knowledge, experience and the qualities we want to offer. With us there is a good mix of experienced specialists, good generalists and promising young dentists.

The way we work is a bit different than what you might be used to from Ireland, where a patient can have a single dentist who does more or less all types of procedures. With us and also generally in Poland there is a slightly different philosophy. Each dentist has one far narrower specialization field and some of our doctors perform only a handful of procedures.

As in all countries all dentists go through a general basis education. After five years it is typical that a dentist chooses a specialization field where they go through a three-year run with a specialization in that field. This is done through universities here in Krakow where the dentist is getting both practical and theoretical training.

At our clinic we use the normal subdivision in dentistry. We have, respectively, conservative treatment, endodontic treatment (root canal and more), surgery, periodontics (Gum therapy), prosthetics treatment (crowns, bridges, dentures) and pediatrics (treatment of children).
Within each of these six fields we have a responsible doctor with a minimum of three years of specialization. This means that all patients who come to us for treatment will be treated by dentists with a minimum of eight years of education (of which are three years of specialization). All treatment plans and “concepts of treatment” will be considered and approved by our specialists.

We have sixteen dentists at our center. Some of our doctors are more generalists and will perform a wider range of more simple forms of treatment, while others are specialists who only perform certain treatment, such as implant surgery, root canal or prosthetics.

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