Aesthetics dentistry

To have a white dazzling smile is argubily a dream, but today it is possible to achieve such a dream of a perfect smile, based on relatively simple methods and how nice teeth the individual wants.

At our clinic we have three specialists that work in prosthesis. It is this team of specialists who consider what is possible to achieve, and how best to achieve a result that the patient is satisfied with without compromising the medical.

At our clinic we offer the highest quality (a total of three different types) veneers and inlays / onlays. It usually takes from three to five days to complete such work.

Since all doctors will always prioritize medical attention before the aesthetic, this for some patients will cause a dilemma. How much can you do with the aesthetic before sacrificing the medical? There is a rule of thumb that one should not treat healthy teeth, and this is something we strive for us to do. But when the patient has specific needs or strong desire to get a better aesthetically better expression we will be able to provide them opportunities to start such treatment. In such cases it is therefore very important that the patient understands what you actually do, what consequences such treatment entails and what kind of result  is actually possible to achieve. Both the crown treatment and by facets is an irreversible treatment, where one can not repent after treatment has started and then go back to how it was before starting the  treatment.

Our clinic developed a program that we call DSD or DENTestetica Smile Design. In short, we can show our patients the kind of results they can expect and what they will look like, and you can actually try models of your “own future teeth”, without having to start any kind of irreversible treatment.

By taking photos and small video sequences of the patient at our photo studio at the clinic, we can by means of one computer program simulate the type of teeth that are possible to achieve.

Then we will be able to create a prototype of this model that the patient may try to go with. They will be able to see themselves in the mirror, see themselves on video and may also receive comments from friends / family / travel companions. If you are happy with what you see, we can then start preparing to make one. If you are not completely satisfied by then, we can change the color and shape of your teeth before you actually begin any form of treatment.