Endodontic therapy

Endodontic therapy today is a small procedure that does not need to take more than 25-30 minutes and where we guarantee you will be completely painless.

Endodontic treatment (root canal) comprises of removing inflamed and dead loads from the tooth core and / or tooth roots, and then filling this area with a permanent and strong filling material to stabilize the roots and for building up tooth core so that we can put prosthodontics solutions over them.

The purpose of the root canal treatment is primarily to remove the source of infection, but also to increase the stability of the tooth and remove the possibility of pain and future problems so that the nerve doesn’t become irritated or exposed. This will cause pain and discomfort to the patient, but thanks to modern methods and good equipment, root canal treatment today can be performed during a session at the dentist without any pain.

By taking good radiographs local 3D images (mini cbct) we will quickly and accurately be able to find the inflamed areas that create problems for the patient and quickly diagnose. Then our physician can plan the correct treatment for the patient. By using such images in three dimensions, we will also be able to determine the length and shape of the roots and prepare ourselves for any surprises that may lie in the roots.

At our clinic we currently have two certified specialists who can treat complicated cases using microscopy. Root canal treatment using a microscope makes the process more time consuming, but in problematic cases it is absolutely necessary to insure that the channels have actually been cleaned and again filled in a sufficiently good way. This is typically where the roots are not formed normally, they InServ or have other abnormalities.

All of the dentists who perform endodontic therapy in our clinic have a minimum second degree specialization in this field. That means in addition to regular general dental education they have completed three years of supplementary specialized in endontics at a university clinic in Poland.
Typical time for such procedures can be anywhere from 25 minutes up to two hours per tooth (depending on the tooth and how many channels it has).

Usually we divide it into two stages, where the first step will be to clean the canal and remove all Organic material. Stage two, we will again fill the root / roots then develop tooth core. This can be done in one go or you can wait a few days between these two stages.

After the tooth core is built up and tooth core is what we call “dead”, then it will be possible to build the tooth with Composite or put a cemented crown on top and the treatment is completed.

There are standard procedures in our clinic to take control x-ray of all teeth / roots or root canals. This is for an imminently control of the dentist’s work, but also for the patient if we are talking about insurance or other reimbursement claims they may have.