Periodontics – Gum Disease

Gum bleeding while brushing teeth and unpleasant breath can be signs of gum disease or periodontal disease. They are both caused by tartar and affect people of all ages, also those with perfectly healthy teeth. That is why it is important to undergo regular check-ups of the oral cavity, which can be performed by a Periodontist. If the doctor identifies a problem, it is necessary to perform a quick specialist treatment.

Causes of gum disease

Inflammation of the gums and the periodontium is a common condition caused by the formation of bacterial plaque in the entire oral cavity. The plaque becomes mineralized and turns into tartar. The tartar builds up near the roots of teeth and the bacteria on its surface cause inflammation of the gingival pockets, leading to the formation of subgingival tartar.

The causes of this problem include smoking, advanced age, poor oral hygiene, and congenital or acquired gum sensitivity. However, gum or periodontal disease does not affect only smokers or the elderly – recent research shows that the problem increasingly affects patients below 30 years of age, including those who have never smoked cigarettes.

It is also important to remember that brushing, flossing and rinsing your mouth with a special mouthwash does not completely eliminate plaque, deposit or tartar. The only effective way to get rid of them is to regularly undergo professional teeth cleaning at the dentist’s office.

Symptoms and effects

The first signs of gum disease are easy to overlook. Unnatural redness, bleeding of the gums while brushing teeth and unpleasant breath are all symptoms that must be reported to the dentist. Untreated, they cause gingivitis, bone loss, exposure of tooth necks, tooth wobbling and premature tooth loss.


Periodontology is a field of medicine studying the treatment of gum disease and periodontitis. At Dental Trips, we offer services of professional periodontists with years of experience who guarantee the early detection of a problem and a successful treatment.

To patients with advanced stages of periodontitis, our clinic offers advanced specialist treatment that brings very good results.