Prosthetic treatment

Crowns, bridges, facets, inlay, onlay, prosthetics. Such solutions fall under the umbrella term prosthetics.

When we create prosthetics they are made at our laboratory. Preparation work and the cementing is done at our center, but burning porcelain and the manufacturing of dentures is made by our laboratory.

Most people have an idea of ​​what a penny is. A dental crown is a very typical altnernative when teeth break, or when large parts of the natural tooth have been drilled out  and replaced with amalgam filling . It is also highly recommended to put the crowns on teeth being root canal treated.

How this is done is that the dentist prepares the tooth by cutting away a portion of the tooth. We construct a cone shape of the tooth so that they are thinner and shorter. Then we take an imprint where the patient bites into a bite splint filled with a soft material. Of this we have a “negative” of the tooth, which allows our techniques  substrate to crowns (upper side to the remaining tooth) appears. Based on this fear Engineers burn a crown that fits 100% to the remaining tooth and create a new crown. This crown will then be cemented by the dentist.

The same applies to bridges, inlay and onlay. While a bridge is recorded, which is molded to replace missing teeth, or to put more teeth together so it strengthens the individual teeth (distributes the load). Bro is a typical solution for replacing lost teeth, especially where there are several teeth that must be replaced or in cases where implantation is impossible.

Inlay and onlay is more or less the same procedure as a crown, but you have to prepare the entire tooth, or the part of the tooth that is damaged. The process is the same: The dentist takes an imprint (a negative) of the part of the tooth to be replaced, and then sends it to the laboratory who makes a filling in porcelain. One inlay is when the filling covers only “inside” of the tooth, while it is called onlay when filling also covers the side walls of the tooth.

Facets, or veneers: This is cosmetic treatment primarily for the front teeth. With such treatment, we will prepare your teeth, taking impressions for our laboratory to create these facets. They are thin porcelain surfaces that are cemented onto the teeth to give a perfect aesthetic expression. The main advantage of such treatment versus crowns is that they are less invasive and less harmful to teeth.