Why Choose Us

Dental Trips has facilitated International dental clients since 2010. We have extensive experience in meeting the expectations of clients who choose to travel abroad looking for the best in class treatment both medically and personally. Our staff are native English speakers, so communication between ourselves and our clients is always crystal clear.

We have an excellent synergy with our medical team. In 2012, we chose to build a new clinic so as well as having all the medical factors in place, we could manage to get up to the level we wanted in terms of service, availability for our clients, access to state of the art equipment and critically to some of the most talented dentists in their given field of specialty. Today we have 16 dentists working at our center covering all fields of dentistry and oral health. This gives us enormous flexibility and a huge repository to support large numbers of patients that come visit us.

We can offer our clients great accommodation in the clinic’s own apartments located just 20 to 500 meters from the dental clinic, with the main shopping mall and the downtown centre in walking distance. With amazing staff consisting of the doctors, your host, assistants and receptionists; with Dental trips you will feel very safe and in qualified hands throughout your stay with us.