Your journey with us

Our goal is to make the experience of traveling abroad for better dental health to be as good, comfortable and safe as possible.

We want to follow up with all of our patients. We want to be involved in the planning, and to assist along the way while staying in Krakow. That means we want to know as much as possible about what problems you have with your teeth before starting to plan the journey. When we have the information about the preferences you have for your visits to the dentist, we can estimate both price and time. Based on this we can then tailor treatment programs as well as travel and stay here in Krakow.

Flights – Ryanair fly direct to Krakow everyday from Dublin and also from Shannon Airport (check Ryanair website for the days they fly from here).

When planning to come to Krakow some clients tend to have slightly different preferences. Some visit as a tourist, but want to do “A litte bit” and perhaps perform a consultation. In this case it might make sense to find accommodation right in the center of Krakow (Old Town). If you are coming for major dental work like surgery, or major prosthetics jobs, we would like to have the patient close to the clinic and we can offer an apartment right beside the clinic . (Read more about accommodations here)

We like to speak to our clients about what they want when they are here in Krakow so we can fulfill their wishes and plan before they visit us. It is very important to us that our clients have great confidence in us when they choose to travel abroad to perform dental work, and then it is our duty and our responsibility that we are worthy of that trust.

We arranged dentistry for Irish/English patients in Krakow from 2010. For seven years we have been welcoming Irish clients with different problems and preferences. Dental Trips is an experienced player – with a professional medical team supporting. We are Irish – we are onsite in Krakow, and we know what it takes for our clients to have a good experience when they choose to visit the dentist abroad.